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I once upon a time lived in Silverbrooke Villa in West Bloomfield, Michigan. I could not warn you more strenuously to avoid living there at all costs. A quick rundown of some of the fun stuff that happened to me living there: home broken into multiple times (by neighbors), many additional break in attempts (all caught on video), police unwilling to help (in spite of video evidence), power cut off to my home by thieves (after breaking into the power block in the common area), my truck was damaged, my friends vehicle was broken into during the day while parked outside my residence (again, by neighbors, notice a trend?). I purchased a domain name and set up a page to inform potential future residents. I let the domain expire, but here's the page featuring a nice little video compilation of all the criminals.

I've written up a little sheet on how to set up a SSH Tunnel. This handy little feature will let you create a secure connection from an untrusted Windows machine (say, your machine at work, a public workstation or even if you hate your local ISP) to a secure host. All network traffic (browsing, IMing, etc...) will be encrypted and sent to the trusted host as opposed to existing on the local machine/network. Magical SSH Tunnel

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A wiki on the history of the Harpos Concert Theatre in Detroit, Michigan (primary a heavy metal venue).

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