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Restaurant NameBurger King
Address2915 Union Lake Rd
City, State ZIPCommerce Township, MI 48382
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.593501 LONG -83.446004

Restaurant AtmosphereFast Food and Drive Thru
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorSome
Chili TextureSoupy
Chili PricesOn the cheaper side, a small cup was $1.29, cheese was an additional $.20. Not as good as Wendy's but down there on the low end.
Chili Fixin'sTwo packages of crackers per cup.

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 2
Have you ever had like a defining moment in your life? What the alcoholics call a moment of clarity? When a person decides they're going to be gay? Stuff like that, there's no real going back from. I had one of these moments, sitting in a booth at Burger King on Union Lake Road.

If you've read more than one of my reviews, you're probably aware that I consider "Making fun of Mark" a serious pastime. Early in the BK experience, I thought my day was made. Mark went first ordering, and he made the "cardinal sin" of the day, he forgot to add cheese to his chili order, and I started up on him. "Hope you enjoy your bland chili! I can't WAIT for my tasty cheese! Man I love dairy! SUCKER!".

We sat down at the table, and then it happened. That moment I can't take back. Gone, all gone. I take the lid off, and sitting there like a stillborn turd is a ripped up piece of gcheese. "Gcheese?" you may likely be asking yourself, allow me to explain...

When you are on government subsidies, you get these things called "food stamps". "Food stamps" allow you to buy food, but not real food like normal people eat, basically you're allowed to buy god awful food. Normal dairy products such as cheese are only for the rich folk, no, as a member of the lower caste, you are subjected to Government Cheese, oft shortened (by me) to "gcheese". Gcheese has some defining characteristics, none of them good. Gcheese is made from recycled tires, blended with ethanol and Yellow No. 6 to produce a substance that from a distance looks like cheese. Anyways, back to our regularly scheduled broadcast...

Needless to say, this put a serious crimp in my style. Here I am rippin' away on "cheese forgetting Mark" when in fact the tables have been turned, I am now "gcheese eating Matt". You can see how this would put me in a bad mood. I have to admit I had trouble getting over the "gcheese incident" to actually taste the chili. I was pissed and not pleased with the chili at all. Soupy, flavorless and pretty bland, I was PO'ed.

Mark was insisting that the BK chili was a close derivative of Wendy's, but I wasn't buying what he was selling. Yeah it's in the same league (both soupy, both available from fast food joints), but not the same ballpark. More expensive, you can't even combo it (shock!), less flavor, and GCHEESE!
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 5
Finally - my turn to get satisfaction from Matt's pain.

I ordered my burger and chili and was waiting for my order when I heard Matt order his chili with cheese. How could I forget cheese. The option is only 20 cents and I would normally jump at it. Oh well.

Matt found this to be the perfect opportunity to revert back to elementary school tactics. "Ha ha. I can't believe you forgot to add cheese to yours. Mine is going to be so much better!" (or something to that effect - I was trying to block him out). Damn! I'll just have to live with this one.

When I saw Matt take the lid off to reveal the kheese, (read "cheese" but I think it is fake cheese so I spelled it with a K like Krab) I could have soiled myself at the look of utter disappointment. The slice if kheese just lay there like road kill. Hot damn! I won.

The chili (without the kheese) looked pretty good although I was disappointed at how similar it looked to Wendy's. It had same chunks and beans and flavor as Wendy's chili. It did have some larger chunks of tomatoes.

Burger King has not yet followed Wendy's wonderful idea to have chili as an alternative to fries with their combo meals. Even though they are very similar, I will still go to Wendy's for their chili with or without the combo deal.

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HammyAre you clowns kidding me? Stopping at Burger King for your Chili Trek? Time to get out a road map and start exploring. And I don't mean," Hey Mark, a new Wendy's opened up in Brighton! Lets go check out the Chili there!" C'mon I want more greese spoon diners! I want to hear about some dirty run down shack, run by a 300 lb Greek guy named Kristos! I want to hear that the chili is so damn good that you stew in your own methane cloud because it brings back sweet, sweet memories.

Drop the BK.

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