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Restaurant NameTim Hortons
Address1006 E West Maple
City, State ZIPWalled Lake, MI 48390
Phone248 668 0044
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.5379 LONG -83.4799

Restaurant AtmosphereFast Food and Drive Thru
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorNone
Chili TextureAverage
Chili PricesTim Hortons offers a bread bowl option which increases the prices about $1.50 per bowl. Normally a bowl runs about $3.
Chili Fixin'sTwo packages of crackers per bowl.

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 4
Since our website is catching on like wildfire, OK, that's a lie... but we do have at least 3 confirmed readers (Hi mom!). Our office secretary took our recommendation for Dandee Donuts and found it to be completely distasteful. Her recommendation was for us to try Tim Horton's, which features chili in a bread bowl. We decided to take advantage of her suggestion that very same day.

Overall, I was pretty unimpressed. The idea of chili in a breadbowl is a completely awesome one, and that alone can buoy a mediocre quality chili up at least 2 points. But it's pretty hard to overlook the problems with the Tim Horton's chili. First the chili is pretty bland and flavorless. It's not horrible, but considering here in Michigan Tim Hortons and Wendy's often share the same building it's tough to drop a full $3 for some chili when spending $.99 10 paces away will get you the same or better. The bread bowl was also a bit of a disappointment. I personally think something like a sourdough breadbowl would be, as the kids say, the bomb, but the Tim Hortons bread bowl is a weirdo hard multigrain bowl. Not very satisfying. I didn't even finish eating the bread bowl, and I'm not one to leave food behind.

Ah well, they can't all be home runs.
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 3
Barb recommended Tim Horton's for our next chili adventure so I immediately had very little hope for it. Barb couldn't stand Dandee Donut's chili so our tastes aren't in the same ball park. She did however mention the bread bowl. I can't resist a chili bread bowl.

The chili bread bowl was served on a metal plate with a real spoon. What a great start. If I gotten up and walked away I would have given Tim's a better score. The chili itself was a let down. It had no heat which wasn't surprising, but also lacked any flavor. It was thick enough but just didn't have much else.

I was finished with the chili and started to eat the bowl when I saw it. A little black hair. Matt, noticing my sudden displeased look, looked down and saw it. With a huge grin he said out loud: "Hey, that looks like a public hair." I started to laugh because of his witty choice of words when he added: "How was it to taste someone else's 'bathing suit area'? I would have hit him if I wasn't doubled over laughing (and if he wasn't a kung fu ninja).

I doubt I will be back unless I get the bread bowl and run over to Wendy's and get some $1 chili to throw in there.

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