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Restaurant NameHoliday Grille
Address8368 Richardson Rd
City, State ZIPCommerce Township, MI 48382
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.5778 LONG -83.4489

Restaurant AtmosphereSit down coney joint with Greek atmosphere
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorNone
Chili TextureSoupy
Chili Prices$2.15 for a cup, $2.65 for a bowl.
Chili Fixin'sA pack of oyster crackers.

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 1
This is going to be a bitter one. Lesson learned: we're always, always going to call these damn coney joints before we go there. We were both a little hesitant about the Holiday Grille and both myself and Mark had Freddie's Diner on our minds as we stepped out for lunch, but decided to brave another new restaurant. Holiday Grille offers $.99 coneys at lunchtime, so I thought we could get a good meal cheap.

I'll just cut to the nitty gritty. Their chili is chili sauce. It's not chili. This is not chili. One more time just to get it off my chest, what the Holiday Grille puts into a bowl and sells as chili is a condiment that is solely meant to be used as a toppping for other items. This crap on top of chili dogs or fries might be decent (not really) but squirted into a bowl and dropped in front of you is sheer disappointment.

No flavor, no beans, no anything. It's some squirty sauce stuff pumped into a bowl and delivered for your disappointment. What a bummer. Avoid at all costs. The chili dogs were lackluster as well. We should have hit Freddie's Diner. We braved this one for you dear readers...
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 1
Come on! I'm upset that I have to rate this using the same scale as Wendy's or Dandee Donuts or any place that serves actual chili. I have a personalty flaw that makes me say thank you when I'm served a condiment instead of chili.

Anyway, if you are looking for chili, even bad tasting chili, don't go to Holiday Grill. For some reason they find it acceptable to serve Coney dog sauce in a bowl and call it chili. I wonder if they squirt ketchup on noodles and call it spaghetti.

I tried to show my displeasure to the waitress by scooping the sauce from my bowl onto a coney. That's what it's for. The waitress, who was very nice, said "Next time, you guys should just order a cup of chili instead of the bowl." Even after my manhood was at stake, I just smiled. Inside I was screaming "No, there won't be a next time because this crap isn't chili!". But only inside. What a wuss.

I would give it a zero because it shouldn't count but the scale starts at 1. Don't be misled. It didn't earn a 1.

Visitor Comments on Holiday Grille
Matt FuerstI have to some exciting news. This is the second restaurant that me and Mark have given a 1 to for their chili that have subsiquently closed shop. We really are making a difference in the chili eating community. Huzzah!
TomThank you for braving this one soldiers. Your merit shant go unrewarded.

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