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Restaurant NameCountry Boy
Address7760 Cooley Lake Rd
City, State ZIPWaterford, MI 48327
Phone248 363 1529
GPS CoordinatesN 42def36.920' W083deg 26.287 LAT 42.6153 LONG -83.4381

Restaurant Atmosphere24 hour sit down diner
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorSome
Chili TextureThick
Chili Prices$2.90 for a cup, $3.40 for a bowl. $.50 extra for real shredded cheese and onions.
Chili Fixin'sA bountiful plate of real crackers.

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 7
We've been kind of burned by trying new chili joints lately. In fact it's been over a month since we've visited a new place that either one of us liked. Last time out we both hit up the Holiday Grille and let me tell you, it was a miserable experience. However, for our readership, we realized we had to get back on the horse and try another new joint. This week we selected the Country Boy. Mark used to work next door to the CB and remembered it being decent dining. Mark even stepped up to the plate and sounded a little like a loon by calling them before we left to make sure they had chili.

The ambience is pretty rocking. We were commenting on the nice wood paneling and wondering when the last time someone actually selected to put wood paneling up on purpose. Upon closer inspection, this wood paneling looks brand new. Apparently the Country Boy likes the cabin-y look. Anyway, onto the food. We both selected a burger for lunch and a bowl of chili to start the meal.

Quicker than I could blink a very large bowl of chili was sitting in front of me. That's a lot of chili. Additionally we were presented with a full sized plate filled with crackers. Superb. The chili itself: pretty good. Surprisingly thick, it may be the thickest chili I've ever had. Crackers definetly weren't neccessary, but I generally enjoy the texture they add and threw a package in. Not surprisingly, there was no spice present but it was reasonably flavored. Two types of beans were counted and some large-ish chunks of tomatoes. Good chili. I have to say, a bowl is a good amount and nearly enough for lunch by itself. That's quite a meal.

The burger itself was pretty tasty as well. It gives me a little pain to pay a full four bones for a simple hamburger. Overall, a very good lunchtime place. Recommended.
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 5
Having chili at the Country Boy Restaurant was a pleasant surprise coming off of some horrible chili experiences lately. I had a burger and a bowl of chili with cheese and onions on top.

I've noticed in the past if a place offers "Broasted Chicken" (Circus Circus or Holiday Grille), they also offer "Coney Sauce" under the name "Chili". Country Boy thankfully opted to change that and make a real chili that ate like a meal not a condiment.

The chili was good and had chunks and beans. The cheese and onions are always a nice touch. Not a lot of flavor and no spicy heat either. Actually, the temperature should have been a little hotter because the cheese was barely melting.

The burger actually came with tater tots instead of the usual french fries. Interesting. Matt said he hasn't seen tater tots since elementary school. He watched with interest as I ate my taters. When we were ready to leave I noticed he hadn't eaten any of his. I know because there were only 5 to start with. Matt made a weird face and said "Tater tots are too airy". What the hell does that mean? He's a weird duck anyway so I didn't press him on the matter.

I will go back there because overall the meal was pretty good but the chili could use some more flavor/heat/heat.

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