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Restaurant NameCJ's
Address8115 Richardson Rd
City, State ZIPCommerce, MI 48390
Phone248 366 7979
GPS CoordinatesN 42deg34.599' W083deg26.571 LAT 42.5767 LONG -83.4429

Restaurant AtmosphereSit down restaurant with brewery.
Chili HeatHot
Chili FlavorTasty
Chili TextureAverage
Chili PricesA cup will run you $2.99 and a bowl $3.99.
Chili Fixin'sCheese and onions available (apparently free of charge, yippie!). A package of oyster crackers was included with the cup.

Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 10
Hot digity damn! I finally found a great tasting chili that had some heat to it. I honestly didn't think it would take as long as it did. Friendly coworker Dr. JD recommended CJ's chili to us. Having taken coworkers advise before and getting completely screwed, I was a little worried. But CJ's was on the list to be tried so off we went.

CJ's is a local micro-brewery not far from the office. The menu boasts, "Fireman Tim's three alarm chili" then highlights the ingredients including Red Hagg Ale.

When the chili came, I was initially disappointed because it looked like many other chili's. Small cup of chili covered in shredded cheese. The disappointment left immediatly after digging in for the first bite. What I noticed is some heat. That's right - honest spicey heat. I could tell that the chili didn't come from GFS like some of the others that I've had becuase it had a unique flavor. It reminded me of fresh salsa for some reason. I'm kicking myself for only ordering a cup.

I like the flavor of Dandee Donuts chili better but for overall chili satisfaction, I have to go with CJ's. The cheese/onion/heat that Dandee's lacks, put's CJ's ahead. This is the first place that has earned a 10 from me.

I can't wait to go back and order a bowl.
Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 9
Another week, another new chili joint. This week we hit up CJ's Brewery. It's surprising we've waited this long to hit CJ's, it's within a mile of our workplace, brews some excellent beer in house and in general, is a mighty fine establishment. For some reason we apparently decided to torture ourselves a bit, travelling further for worse chili.

I chose the Soup and Sandwich combo for lunch, going with the chili and a club sandwich. I ended up wishing I got more chili and less sandwich. My cup of chili arrived shortly with a nice helping of onions and cheese on top. I immediately smelled some zippiness in the chili brew. I mixed up the cheese and dove on in. The chili is called the "3 Alarm Chili" and really lives up to it. The chili isn't a painful hot, but it's far hotter than any other commercially available chili. Even better than the heat was just the overall sense of freshness. As soon as you take a bite, the whole atmosphere of the chili seemed to scream "fresh". It really was an unusual experience.

Heat. Flavor. Reasonable price. Nice atmosphere. Good beer. I hear there are are occasionally hot chicks present. This is how chili is supposed to be!

Visitor Comments on CJ's
ShaunaI decided to test out this 9-10 chili and found it quite good...but I'd only rate it at an 8. Taste was excellent, but it was too watery--or beerery (at Matt so kindly informed me; yes, I made up that word).
Overall, a very good chili experience.

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