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Restaurant NameEinstein Bros
Address8366 Richardson Rd
City, State ZIPCommerce Township, MI 48382
Phone248 366 9898
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.577838 LONG -83.448731

Restaurant AtmosphereBagel shop with lots of in and out traffic
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorNone
Chili TextureSoupy
Chili Prices$2.89 for a reasonable sized cup, $3.99 for a bowl.
Chili Fixin'sA nice sized piece of cheese-based bread for dipping.

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 5
Here's something a little off the beaten path. Einstein Brothers offers a Turkey Chili. I'm a pretty big hamburger/traditional meat chili fan, but Einstein is right down the street so we figured we'd give it a shot. We met Mark's lovely wife and youngest son up at the shoppe (it's a yuppie bagel shop, I feel obligated to add the -pe at the end) and I ordered up a "Choose Two" combo - a cup of turkey chili and a turkey sandwich.

A chili had a pretty good aroma and was piping hot (both good signs) but the texture was a little disappointing. There were a few beans present, but probably only a dozen in the whole cup. For those of you keeping track at home, that's not a lot of beans. Worse yet, the meat ingredient, the turkey, was not only ground, it was, as Mark said, "whipped". Ground so fine it had lost any consistency of meat it once had.

There wasn't a ton of flavor, enough to justly call it chili, but that was about it. Welcome to the chili family, Einstein Brothers. I salute them for trying something different going the turkey route, but I need something a little more to distiguish itself from the crowd. Spices. Heat. Flavor. Fresh Veggies. None of that here.

Still, if I found myself in an Einstein Brothers meeting up with my yuppies friends for a cappucino, I wouldn't be totally against having another bite.
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 4
Matt and I went to lunch today with my wife, Judy and son, Brennen. The three adults ordered a half sandwich with a cup of Einsteins Turkey Chili.

The chili tasted pretty good but was way too soupy for me. There were no crackers offered to thicken it up so I ate it 'as is'. The turkey was ground very fine and there was only small amounts of beans and veggie chunks in there.

I'm not saying that the chili was bad it's just more of a soup than a meal type chili.

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