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Restaurant NameRocket Eddie's
Address2897 Orchard Lake Rd
City, State ZIPKeego Harbor, MI 48320
Phone248 683 3775
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.606217 LONG -83.341617

Restaurant AtmosphereSit down and takeout diner
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorNone
Chili TextureSoupy
Chili Prices$2.75 for a bowl of chili sauce, $3.75 if you want beef, squeeze cheese and onions.
Chili Fixin'sCrackers offered.

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 4
A coworker recommended this to us. She even had a menu which got us both frothing at the mouth... a small independent diner in a little downtown area of Keego Harbor. Perfect!

We hiked out there and liked what we saw. My dad had a little rule of thumb when it came to eating at small dive joints - if you see a preponderance of morbidly obese people, it's probably a quality joint. The thought is that people risking a heart attack at any moment due to their food addiction chose this place to potentially meet their maker (slider in obese paw), it's going to be quality. Rocket Eddie's was looking pretty promising. First 5 minutes we were there a guy waiting at the counter had to move so the morbidly obese man could get by to pay.

I was a little confused at the menu, which contained a regular "Bowl of Chili" and then had "Rocket Eddie's Chili". "Bowl of Chili" said it was homemade and you could include cheese or onions for $.20 each. "Rocket Eddie's Chili" said it had ground beef, cheese and onions. I really should have known the bait-and-switch that was about to happen to me, but I honestly was oblivious... we each ordered the "better" "Rocket Eddie's Chili" along with a couple sliders.

The grill, and the strangely non-sweaty Greek man running it are right there in front of you (it's a tiny, tiny place with 3 tables and a counter to eat at) and a few minutes later I noticed him throw some burger patties on the grill and he chopped them up super fine. I pointed it out to Mark and said "I bet that's destined for our chili, that's kind of different". Turns out I was right, as he reached for a bowl to plop the beef in, so far so good. And then, things took a turn. He grabbed the ladle for the chili material and it was, yes you guessed it faithful reader, coney dog sauce. My heart still sinks in disappointment. They then proceeded to make things worse by squirting nacho sauce on top of the concoction. Oh lord.

I have to say, it's about as dressed up and tasty as coney dog sauce can get. The beef was interesting and in spite of the inherent grossness of eating squeezy cheese on chili it did add a strange smoothness to the chili. Still, this isn't chili people. I'm embarrassed for Rocket Eddie for putting his name to the creation. Don't do that Eddie!

Sadly, the sliders were a little disappointing too. I have to give even more props to our local hometown champion, Freddie's Diner. Very good chili (though it varies in quality) and unbeatable sliders. The best thing that Rocket Eddie's had going for it was the cute blonde that served us. Very attractive and a nice personality. For her alone I give a grade higher than I should and honestly can say I probably would go back again if I was in the neighborhood. Man I suck.
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 2
On again off again sometimes part-time sometimes full-time co-worker Mai handed me a menu from Rocket Eddies this morning pointing out the 'Rocket Eddies Chili'. Looks like Matt and I are heading out to Keego Harbor for lunch.

Hammy would be so proud of us. Rocket Eddies is just the place he had in mind when abusing us on the Burger King review. This place defined grease spoon diner. I swear - the cook was even a large Greek although his name was not Kristos. We had high hopes for the chili here. Everything was in place for a great lunch. Greek made chili and some sliders. How could it go wrong?

The chili came that's how. We saw Anton fry up the burger and chop it up on the grill and thought maybe the chili was the final destination. That's okay. I just wasn't expecting him to top it with the dreaded Cony Dog Sauce. Damn it! On top of that, was some very strong chopped onion and squirt cheeze. I almost cried.

In the name of science, I dug in anyway. I've had worse. I was really hungry so the first few bites were okay. I'm just offended at the Serve a Bowl of Condiment idea. At least it had fried burger in it. That helps. No beans. No heat. I'm not quite sure why this passes for chili for some people.

If you want sliders and chili in a diner atmosphere head over to Fred's Diner. Much better.

Visitor Comments on Rocket Eddie's
Uncle bobbyOK, Ok, its people like Joe Bishop that LOVE Rocket Edwards. Joe, I think, now has stock in the place. He goes for lunch, an early afternoon shake and fries, definitely dinner and then a late night visit to say hello. He has surprised me with a trip there a few times, and I never could quite get my slider down my throat... I must say that the shakes were pretty good though.
ArianaForget the chili man! They are known for their SLIDERS- which i loooooove, and im a burger hater. besides, Everything else is AMAZING- ANY sandwich.. my favorite is "Edy's Favorite" .. coleslaw [in place of say, saurkrauet] SOO delicious :D

free refills, shakes and MALTS are HUGE

ps- they are under new ownership and management, .. for those of you who've been there before summer '06 ..VERY CLEAN PLACE NOW!
MaiI'd just like to say I recomended ONLY the malts at Rocket Eddies. I've never tried the chili, but I did urge Mark to try it and give a report....much safer for me that way! Thanks guys - way to make the chili world safe for the rest of us.

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