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Restaurant NameRicobene's
Address252 W. 26th Street
City, State ZIPChicago, IL 60616
Phone312 225 5555
GPS Coordinates LAT 41.845461 LONG -87.633639

Restaurant AtmosphereSit down diner
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorNone
Chili TextureAverage
Chili Prices2.99 for a 12 oz cup, 3.99 for 16 oz bowl
Chili Fixin'sOyster crackers.

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 2
I'm sure you've noticed, but goodness me does food magically taste better when you are on a super empty stomach. I was in the Chicagoland area over the weekend visiting some friends and was given a little slice of Chicago with Ricobene's. We hung out over the daytime, saw a 6 PM Chicago Blackhawks game (they got dismantled by the Minnesota Wild). Over the course of the day we managed to eat very little so by the time we got to Ricobene's I had not eaten in many hours.

Ricobene's is famous for their sandwiches, so I ordered a Chicken Parmesan sandwich. Then I happened to notice they also serve chili, so I fulfilled my duty to the site and ordered a cup.

I absolutely knew I was going to love the chili. I had not eaten in like 9 hours, so I was predestined to adore the first bite.

First bite.

And not so much love. Sadly, Ricobene's falls into the now-familar category of slightly jazzed up coney sauce. It does contain beans, which most coney sauce derivates don't, but aside from that there's no TLC in the Ricobene's chili. Blah ground up beef, no real vegetables, no real spices or happiness for your mouth.

Even famished, I couldn't recommended Ricobene's chili. The chicken parmesan sandwich on the other hand, out of this world. Just grab a lot of napkins because you're going to make a mess.

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