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Restaurant NameLakeside Bar and Grille
AddressElizabeth Lake Road near Union Lake Road
City, State ZIPWhite Lake, MI 48386
Phone248 698 4104
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.64145 LONG -83.472517

Restaurant AtmosphereDive Bar
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorSome
Chili TextureAverage
Chili Prices$2.50 for a nice sized bowl
Chili Fixin'sOyster crackers

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 5
I have to admit I love the Dive Bar type chili joints. I love it when ceiling tiles are caving in, bathrooms actively have leaks and the clientele look at me and Mark like we are fancy yuppie scum ("dressed up" - let me say I am generally wearing t-shirts and jeans).

Lakeside fits the bill. A bar filled with people semi-drunk at 11:50. We arrive and our waitress says she's just coming on, they just changed shifts? What do the drunks stay all night and the place morphs into a Denny's from 2 to 10 AM? Ah well...

We visited previously on a whim and found "Lynn's Homemade Chili" on the small menu tacked up on the wall. We ordered some chili and burgers, just to get denied on the chili ("We always have it, just not today"). After some cajoling I get whiny-baby Mark to go out there again.

I was pretty pleased with myself as we had a fairly attractive waitress to start out with. Not a necessity for chili, but always a bonus. We ordered up some cokes, cheeseburgers and chilis. The waitress definetly was thinking me and Mark were there for the Brokeback Valentine's Day special I am thinking (This being Valentines day).

Chili arrives, and immediately Mark starts with his facial contortions. The sissy basically acuses Lakeside of scooping their chili from the same pot as Circus Circus (they are across the Elizabeth Lake Road from each other). Baloney, don't listen to him and don't even bother reading his review (if you've read reviews here before, you already really know this, I am just mentioning it in case you're a first timer here).

Lakeside chili isn't bad. They've got a normal chili base, with some hamburger, tomatoes and beans. No, the chili isn't anything spectacular, there is not a ton of flavor and there are no real vegetables present. But I will say Lynn tried at least a little bit and I appreciate it. Overall this isn't a great chili, but if I was eating at Lakeside I would definetly get chili there again to start things out.

Thats the end of my chili review, but if you feel like reading another paragraph, induldge me. I feel like I have to share an anecdote. So we're sitting there waiting for our bill, and the waitress is milling around some other customers. She's wearing a low cut shirt but nothing scandelous, to which a buzzed up patron noted aloud for the bar to hear "If I had me some bumps like them, I'd be feeling them up all day long". God Bless America and pass me a Bud Light. (I may sound like a snob, but I don't care.)
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 2
The first time Matt and I went to Lakeside Bar we were denied the chili experience because "it was still cooking". I don't remember the name on the white board but it was something like "Lynns homemade chili". Matt had very high hopes so we gave it another shot. Matt even called ahead to make sure they had some available.

Most of the points to the chili would have to go to the atmosphere of the place becuase they had pool tables, a dart board, and shuffle board table. What else do you need. Oh yeah - chili. The waitress said she would have to check on the chili because there was a shift change and she just didn't know yet. We knew better.

The chili was quickly served and I was surprised that it didn't look like coney dog sauce. After taking my first bite, Matt did a lot of bitching on my behalf. He talked about how bad I thought it tasted, ETC. It didn't taste bad, really, it tasted a little like a coney sauce close cousin. It looked like chili because it was brown and had beans in it. I found a green chunk of something that Matt said was a pepper but that was it on the veggie count. Finely ground burger was also present in the chili. The only noticable spice was salt. No heat factor.

Pretty bland and boring. I can't beleive Lynn or anyone else for that matter was in the kitchen cooking this batch up by hand. I'm willing to bet it came out of big back to be heated up upon ordering. If you go to Lakeside Bar stick with a burger and a beer.

Visitor Comments on Lakeside Bar and Grille
Matt FuerstI just wanted to note here as well.. that Lakeside is completely "off the grid". They aren't listed in any phone books, online or printed and aren't in any Chamber of Commerce listings or anything. We believe that this is actually the first appearance of the Lakeside phone number and we had to jump through some hoops to even get the damn number from them. Something is weird with that shit.. It's kind of a crazy idea for a business to have a listed phone number! I think Hoffa is buried out back...

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