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Restaurant NameLazy Lizard Cantina
Address43155 Main Street
City, State ZIPNovi, MI 48375
Phone248 449 6555
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.477917 LONG -83.472051

Restaurant AtmosphereNormal sit down restaurant
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorTasty
Chili TextureAverage
Chili Prices$1.75 for a cup, $4.25 for a bowl. $.75 for onions and cheese.
Chili Fixin'sNone

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 5
So Mark was out and around town and had a big gala event at the Lazy Lizard with his family. Luckily, he kept his chili chastity, awaiting my presence, so we decided to sneak out a few minutos early and scoot over to the Lazy Lizard Cantina.

The menu (which differs from the menu they offer on their website, by the way) proclaims their chili to be genuine Texas chili which harkened Mexico Lindo. Were we going to be served a more stew-like chili with fajita shells?

As it turns out, no. The Lazy Lizard chili is mighty disappointing on the eyes. When it arrived I gave out a little sigh and prepared myself for yet another bowl of chili sauce (which I should shorten to Y.A.B.O.C.S - yabocs). Thankfully, the taste was better than the look. Lazy Lizard has an original taste, all to its own. It has a definete sweetness to it similar to Don's of Traverse City but there was more actual flavor than Don's. Still, one of the sweetest chili's we have come across.

I think what seperates the Lazy Lizard is the salt and seasoned salt. It definetly is present and very loud, almost overpowering. I had a cup and imagine it becoming very overwhelming with a bowl.

No vegetables accounted for (sadly) and some minimal, small beans. It's seen far too often and I wish there would be some more chances taken.. throw some veggies in there!

An interesting chili that stands on it's own. If you are there I'd recommend trying a cup (no bowl unless you've OD'ed on your blood pressure meds and need to jack up the pressure in your veins) but can't say you should honestly get up off your couch and drive to Novi, MI to have the chili.
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 6
Matt and I decided to give the Lazy Lizard Cantina a try today. I checked theironline menu and found they offer Original Terlingua - authentic Texas chili.

We had a weird experience when the woman who brought out the complimentary chips and salsa asked "What to drink?". She brought us the drinks and ask "You ready?" I was a little confused because she had latex gloves on and looked like she had been clearing tables. We ordered anyway. Later, this dork showed up who apparently was our waiter. 15 minutes into the lunch experience and he decided to make is presence known. We explained that we already ordered and he saw who it was and said "Oh, it's only Sylvia". She relayed the order to him and that was the last we saw of him until it was time to pay. Sorry, I had to get that off of my chest.

Anyway, the cup of chili came with a little side cup of cheese and a cup of onions. It smelled pretty good although it looked like it might be a coney sauce derivative. I dug in and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. No heat of course but the flavor was truly unique. I could tell that Matt didn't really care for it. He also doesn't like chocolate or sausage so, who are you going to trust? In fact, Matt recently wrote on a piece of paper to me "Mark is always right. Matt is always wrong." I have that paper taped on my office door.

It wasn't as chunky as I prefer. The beef was pretty fine and the beans where small. This chili was also unique in that it was salty and sweet as well. Eating the chili on the left over tortilla chips made it taste that much better.

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