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Restaurant NameWeal Inn
Address2933 E Highland Rd
City, State ZIPHighland, MI 48356
Phone248 887-8140
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.653841 LONG -83.573156

Restaurant AtmosphereTraditional Smoky bar
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorNone
Chili TextureAverage
Chili Prices$1.95 for a curp, $2.95 for a bowl
Chili Fixin'sTwo packages of crackers and a package of oyster crackers

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 4
Hmm... opportunity arose today for us to jaunt outside our normal radius for a chili restaurant so we headed west a bit more than usual. We ended up at the Weal Inn out on M-59 (AKA Highland Road). A little bar joint that proclaims it's Irish nature. What exactly is Irish about it aside from the green paint I'm not really sure (the Budweiser signs outnumbered the Guiness signs 10 to 1).

This was a blind chili stop, but we lucked out as chili was indeed on the menu. We ordered up some cups and some burgers. I will say service was far above average for a bar.. in general me and Mark are treated like Third World citizens for entering a bar at noon and not drinking and choosing to sit at a table instead of at the bar. Gotta love bars where the derelicts smashed at 12:01 PM in the afternoon making comments about the female bartenders "twins" are the "good customers" while quiet Mark and Matt in the corner are the "weirdos". Anyway...

Oh yeah, the chili, the point of the site. The chili was, well, par for the course. I've come to the conclusion that most bars treat their food as the lowest common denominator for their business. It's sole purpose is to allow people to have fuller bellies to drink more beer and liquor. It's disappointing since back when I was young and had high hopes, I envisioned some chef, down on his luck, working at a bar due to circumstances, but determined to work his way to the top and to start with the finest chili in the Midwest. Something like a "Miracle on Ice" story but with beans and spices. But alas, bar chili is all generally canned chili flavor with some meat. Same old here, some really finely ground beef, sprinkling of beans and a little tomato/chili flavoring. Mix, heat, serve.

It wasn't offensive to eat, and if you were really in the mood for a soup or appetizer, then give it a shot. But I probably wouldn't get it again if I was there. The burger wasn't bad, and included a cool "fixin container" (which was metal and not a tupperware one like Pontiac Lake Inn. I still bring up the story where the PLI served pickles in a Styrofoam cup just to watch Mark's face cringe in horror.).
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 3
Matt and I set out to try Billy's Tip N In? bar but found that they are closed on Mondays. What a drag. We headed down M59 and came across the Weal Inn bar. Matt uncharacteristically cut across 2 lanes of traffic to make it into the parking lot. We lived.

The menu boasted "Deliciously Homemade chili". A cup and a burger. How can you go wrong?

The chili was not deliciously special. Fine ground meat 2 beans no heat, very little flavor. It didn't taste bad, it was just very plain jane. Some effort would have been nice. At least the burger was good.

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