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Restaurant NameThe Draft
Address2435 Benstein Road
City, State ZIPWolverine Lake, MI 48390
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.55827 LONG -83.50435

Restaurant AtmosphereClean Sports Bar
Chili HeatLittle Zip
Chili FlavorTasty
Chili TextureAverage
Chili Prices$3.95 for a decent sized bowl
Chili Fixin'sOnions and cheese optional, served with a package of oyster crackers

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 8
The Draft in Wolverine Lake is a brand new sports bar. We were debating going there for chili for a little bit, but over the weekend I was actually flipping through one of those direct mailer coupon thingies and saw an ad for a soup and sandwich deal. Next to the soup portion there was an asterisk (*) which made my eyes flow to the bottom where I saw a note Chili Included. Hoo doggy! This is a double, they actually have chili (and are proud enough to note it in their ad) and have a nice, reasonable lunch deal. Superb.

Me and Mark jaunted up there with a small delay (we were set to go last week, but I was actually working past the critical 12:01 PM Mark-Turning-Into-Pumpkin-Without-Lunch deadline so the crybaby dissed me). Both the exterior and interior are nicely decorated. The place is big enough so that you're comfortable but they didn't go with the mega-bar look, which I really appreciate. It's far nice than your average neighborhood dumpy bar, but still has a cool atmosphere. Lots of very nice TV's located throughout the bar. Good deal.

We got the skinny on the soup and sandwich deal (like 5 or 6 sandwiches are included in the deal) and ordered up our chili and sandwiches. I retired to the restroom to prepare for the meal (taking some abuse from Mark again, since he prefers to eat dirty fingered like a caveman) and by my return to the table I was greeted with a hot bowl o' chili. That's always a good feeling.

And it's good chili to boot. Someone actually tried and it shows. Hallelujah! Present and accounted for are two types of beans, including an unusual black bean, both green and yellow peppers, some nicely smoked beef and some really nice spices. No particular heat, there was a tiny amount of zip, but the chili would not scorch even the most sensitive palate. The chili has a nice level of cohesiveness, not too soupy, not too paste-like. Really a well done bowl.

I will say at the menu price of $3.95 it's probably a little on the expensive side. However the lunch special is the chili plus a half sandwich for $5.50 which I would say is very reasonable. Especially when cutie Bridget is serving it to you.

I opted for the "Gobbler" turkey sandwich, which I will say is the most uninspired sandwich I've been presented with. Stack-o-turkey, slice-o-cheese and two pieces of bread. Jazzing it up with some sexy bread or even throwing a tomato at me would make me happier. But it got the job done.

Good chili, we'll definitely be back and I'd recommend you seeking the place out. Man I am daydreaming about getting a beer, some chili and maybe some appetizers there. That would be good times.
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 8
What a treat. This is our second chili outing this week. The Draft is a new bar in place of what used to be the Athenian Lounge. Matt excitedly brought in an advertisement for them showing a 1/2 sandwich and soup* for $5.50. (* including chili). What a bargain.

The chili on the menu said it was made with Black Angus beef. Immediately I think - typical Acme Chili from GFS with good beef thrown in. I'll still take it.

It was served right away with a generous amount of cheese and onion. I quickly smelled the unique chili and was pleased that it wasn't 'the same'. I can honestly say that the fine folks at The Draft really tried when they set out to make their chili. It had nice chunks of beef (Black Angus that is) and black beans with at least two different types of peppers. It wasn't spicy but it did have good flavor. I was pleasantly surprised.

The 1/2 sandwich called the Gobbler (turkey and bread) was a bit on the lame side but with the chili made for a really good lunch.

I recommend stopping by and trying their chili. I know I'll be back.

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