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Restaurant NameCopper Mug
Address1704 E West Maple
City, State ZIPWalled Lake, MI 48390
Phone248 624 8725
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.5406 LONG -83.4606

Restaurant AtmosphereDumpy
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorNone
Chili TextureSoupy
Chili PricesOn the expensive side $3.75 for an average sized bowl and $2.75 for a cup
Chili Fixin'sOptional raw onion and cheese available. 2 packages of whole crackers provided with a bowl.

Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 5
[Al's] Copper Mug turned out to be a decent enough place for a bowl of chili. Matt and I were a bit nervous after the Circus Circus flop last week. It appears to be a Bar and Grill with an emphasis on Bar. The table had a condiment caddy which had a cup of plastic 'silverware'. Strike one. Along with the usual ketchup and mustard, was a stack of clear plastic salad-dressing-to-go cups with pickles in them. Wow, no more crappy pickle juice to infect the bun/bread of every sandwich. 'Strike one' has been stricken from the records. I feel I have to mention the watress here because she had huge socks pulled up over her jeans in a Flahdance leg-warmer style. I guess it fit with the 80's music being piped in. Also, the survalience cameras were a nice touch. The Chili had chunks of meat, tomatoes, and beans. Onions and cheese were offered and accepted. Overall, not a whole lot of flavor going on except for the non OEM onions. There was no heat for some reason. I'm not sure if I was incorrectly informed at some time that Chili actually had Chili peppers in it. I asked for Tabasco Sauce and put a layer on top of the chili. That helped in the heat department but I like when the chili and jalapeno peppers are cooked in. Overall, it was good to eat and filling but just didn't have the heat or flavor that I'm really looking for.
Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 3
So much potential... this was my first trip ever inside of the infamous Copper Mug. I grew up right down the street from the Mug, and remember my sister and aunt going up there to enjoy the swill from such a fine dumpy bar. We arrived and were pretty happy with the surroundings. A pretty small bar greeted us with a nice little hunny asking us what we wanted to drink. Things were going fine. The Copper Mug did the switcheroo on us then, and our real waitress arrived.. she was wearing, and I'm not joking here, balloon style denim jeans, rolled at the bottom; leg warmers up over the bottom of her pants and a electric pink hair scrunchie to keep her frazzled her up out of her face. This woman was literally wearing the exact same clothes when my sister was drinking Miller there in 1987. I only tell this story but I find it indicative of the overall experience... the Copper Mug did the switcheroo on us with both the wait staff as well as the chili.

We each ordered up a bowl of chili, a coney dog and a coke. Without asking the waitress brought us a pitcher-refill of coke. Our hopes were raised yet another bar. The chili arrived with raw onion, shredded cheese and 2 packages of crackers. Man, this was looking better and better. The chili itself was chunky, yet not very firm. It was looking to be a mighty fine bowl of chili.... then the Mug did the switcheroo on us... the taste... well the taste was lacking. There was a definite presence of peppers, which is more adventurous than most restaurant chili is willing to be, but it was watered down to the point there was a simple hint of it intermingled with the blandness overwhelming the dish. Disappointing.

Overall, the chili hinted at something better but didn't deliver. Especially disappointing was the bill, me and Mark dropped $25 total ($3 for a regular chili dog, ouch) for a mediocre lunch. Taken as a whole, I can't recommend the Copper Mug when there is much better chili to be had. Now if that yound lady had personally served it...

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