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Restaurant NameMilford House Bar and Grill
Address508 N Main St
City, State ZIPMilford, MI 48381
Phone248 684 2226
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.591752 LONG -83.600401

Restaurant AtmosphereSit down restaurant and carryout
Chili HeatLittle Zip
Chili FlavorTasty
Chili TextureAverage
Chili Prices$2.99 for a large cup and $3.99 for a very large bowl
Chili Fixin'sTwo melted cheeses and green onion served in bowl, with a package of oyster crackers.

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 8
Ahhh another Tuesday another new restaurant. This week - Milford House. This place is right in the heart of downtown Milford, MI. It actually used to be the local ice cream parlor when I lived in Milford, they decided to upscale the joint, closed it and really made it a lot more upscale with a brick decor inside, lots of plasma TV's (probably too many for such a small space) and offered a wider variety of grub.

We got out there and decided to each order a bowl of Chili and we pounded some breaksticks with this garlic cheese spread. I had manhandled a few of these breadsticks in my day and let me tell you, they are mighty tasty indeed. They go well with any meal, just don't order too many because you will feel compelled to eat all of them.

The chili arrived - a very impressive presentation. It's right up there with Red, Hot and Blue. Served in a large (and I mean large, the biggest chili portion ever) crock style bowl, with two types of cheese melted and some chopped onions on top. The cheese is melted to the point that it's obvious the chef actually adds the cheese, then they must bake the crock for a bit to melt it to the point of perfection. Really impressive to look at, very well done.

The taste? Well, it's better than average. There is a little touch of spice in there, but not overwhelming. Some beans are included, but not an overwhelming quantity (maybe too few in fact). The texture is perfect, even throughout, a great mixture of small chunkies and smoothness, really pleasing. As per usual there was little actual heat in the chili, but the baking process for the cheese did make the actual temperature of the chili far hotter than average.

I am going to rank this one a little higher than the chili actually deserves. If you got the chili in a takeout cup, you probably would give it a 6 or a 7... but if you take a seat at Milford House, order up a massive, cheap bowl of good chili that's really well presented and have some breadsticks, you will have one of the best sub-$10 lunches of your life.
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 6
I'm having a hard time writing this because of the effects of food coma I have because of the over filling lunch at the Milford House. I will be brief.

The Milford House is a nice little restaurant with a cozy atmosphere that made me feel like Matt and I were on a Man Date.

We each ordered a big bowl of chili and we split (sorry, Judy) an order of a dozen wonderful bread sticks.

The chili by itself was not very special. However, with the great bread sticks and garlic butter, it turned out to be a very satisfying meal. The chili came in a large soup bowl with a layer of cheese and scallions on top. It wasn't spicy or very unique but was nice and think and was good eat.

I could probably give the overall experience a 7 but I'm going to give it a 6 giving more weight to the chili content.

I would order the chili again without question.

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