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Restaurant NameMolly's Ice Cream and RJ's Bakery
Address2051 N Wixom Rd
City, State ZIPWixom, MI 48393
Phone(248) 926-0020
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.550293 LONG -83.537688

Restaurant AtmosphereSit down diner
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorSome
Chili TextureAverage
Chili Prices$2 for a cup, $3 for a bowl
Chili Fixin'sSlice of homemade bread and butter

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 4
Pickings are getting slim in our neck of the woods for new chili places, especially with the nice weather, but we managed to dig up a new one through Yahoo Local. We had some reservations about Molly's, specifically the fact that they serve coney dogs puts them in the "likely to have coney sauce for chili" column but the one day we called they were out of chili and we read a positive chili review online, so it seemed like they likely had legit chili.

We were a bit skeptical from the outside. Molly's has a bit of a split personality disorder. Just look at the name - Molly's Ice Cream and RJ's Bakery and Cafe. What the hell is it? Ice Cream? Bakery? Cafe? It's a strange conglomeration of all of them. They have a little bit of everything to please everyone as it turns out. We each ordered a cup of chili and 3 sliders. The chili is served with a generous slice of RJ's in store baked bread - white, wheat or rye.

The chili itself is definitely in the sweet camp, moreso than any other chili we've had. As it turns out, I'm not so much of a fan of the sweet chili. There was a lot of large tomato chunks present, and the base they started out from was way too sweet tomato in it's origins. There were a few beans, large chunks of beef (tasty) and a little bit of spice present. I consider myself to be a fan of a strong tomato base in chili, but Molly's was too over the top for my tastes. Still, it was definetly homemade and someone tried, so I give them credit. The tasty slice of bread help soothed my "sweet pains".

The sliders were superb by the way. Almost up there with Fred's Diner. Great beef, onions, steamed bun... ohh doggy. Worth stopping for some sliders, skip the chili and get some ice cream after some sliders.
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 3
I was very surprised to see that Molly's and/or RJ's had chili on their menu. I actually called once and they told me that they had it sometimes, just not that day. I made Matt call today and was happy to hear that we were off to try a new chili joint.

Molly's/RJ's is an ice cream place and a bakery. It apparently is a regular diner with a regular menu. The place is set up as a 50's style diner complete with a black and white checker tile floor.

We ordered three sliders and chili. The chili was not the typical Acme Chili from a can that most places have as a menu filler. This was different which make me believe it is made there. It's a bit too tomato soupy for me. I kept thinking it was Chef Boy Ardee chili, if there is such a thing. The 'sauce' was a lot sweeter than usual. It had beans and chunks of meat and ate pretty well, it's just not my kind of chili.

This chili falls under the odd category where I didn't really enjoy it but I can see how some people would.

If you don't get the chili, grab some sliders - they're pretty tasty

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