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Restaurant NameThe Post
Address42875 Grand River
City, State ZIPNovi, MI 48375
Phone248 465 9600
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.47775 LONG -83.4697833

Restaurant AtmosphereTrendy Bar
Chili HeatSpicy
Chili FlavorTasty
Chili TextureAverage
Chili Prices$2.99 for a cup, $4.29 for a bowl
Chili Fixin'sOnions and cheese, package of oyster crackers

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 6
We managed to snag a project at work that involves COM programming. Since between three programmers (myself, Mark and our co-worker Pat) we know as much about COM programming as we do about the hot female programming groupies, I proposed and it was accepted that we purchase some sort of introductory text to COM Programming. We basically work in what amounts to a modern day cave, it's dark, there are few people around and the only thing making it not completely rank is the $.99 plug in I dropped in an outlet. So, a trip out to bookstore in Novi (a full 8 miles away) is kind of a big deal. We planned it for a few days, and it just happened to fall on Chili Tuesday.

So I set out googling for chili novi and The Post in Novi fell into our laps. Their menu proclaimed they have legendary home-made chili which is a damn bold claim. With a claim like that, I was feeling pretty confident it wasn't my evil nemesis - coney sauce, so as long as they "tried" I was going to be pretty happy.

The Post is a pretty hip place. I can see how the trendy crowd would hang out there at night. Wait staff composed of a bunch of nice little hunnies (don't worry I asked - and no, they are not programming groupies). Very large bar, and some interesting grub and booze specials. The pitcher of beer and pizza for ten bones seems like a good deal (especially after seeing a pizza, which looked awesome).

We ordered up some cups o' chili and burgers. Our waitress was a little out of it, there was a rumor floating around she may have been on the whacky tobaccy, but I can neither confirm nor deny that. I can confirm that if she was on the whacky tobaccy, it didn't affect her (lack of) interest in dorky computer programmers. After a slightly painful wait, the chili arrived. It had a pretty strong spicy odor to it which was exciting. First bite - surprising. An unusual amount of flavor and genuine spiciness. I wouldn't describe it as spicy, but I think a lot of people would be surprised and I imagine some sissies have complained about the heat. Sounds like a pretty promising start, eh? Yeah, it is, but I do have a complaint. The chili is way too sweet for my tastes. Lots of sweet tomatoes, too much. The main content of the chili is tomato, along with lots of tiny beans. Very little by the way of vegetables or chili's.

The flavor and spice are good, but a little variety in the ingredients would go a long way. Still, a very interesting and different bowl of chili within the restaurant world. Overall, I'd probably get a cup again next time I visit; But there is room for improvement.

The burger I would describe as painfully bland. Next time, pizza.
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 6
Matt started pulling his own weight and looked up our next visit - the Post Bar in Novi. He even read that they have "Legendary Homemade Chili". Sold. It worked out because I needed to buy a programming book in Novi for research since coworker Pat HRN'ed (dumped) a project on me that I know nothing about.

Anyway, we each ordered a cup of chili and an inexpensive burger. After a long wait, our stoned waitress brought out the chili. A regular sized cup with heaping cheese and onion. I gave it a quick stir and jammed home the first bite. I may have actually blurted out "wow". I'm so used to bland flavor, no heat, I was caught off guard. That's right. Heat - not a lot but, heat. Flavor. Together. I actually had some mixed emotions because the flavor, while having plenty, was pretty sweet. There were plenty of small beans and ground burger and a couple of veggies in the mix.

Overall, it was nice that it was homemade, spicy, and flavorful, but the taste wasn't one of the best for me. I can see how some people may think it's really good. Legendary? I don't think so.

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