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Restaurant NameFrederic Inn
Address6516 N Old Highway 27
City, State ZIPFrederic, MI 49733
Phone989 348 8636
GPS Coordinates LAT 44.779 LONG -84.754

Restaurant AtmosphereHastily added onto shack / bar / restaurant
Chili HeatVery Hot
Chili FlavorTasty
Chili TextureAverage
Chili Prices$1.75 for a cup, $2.75 for a bowl
Chili Fixin'sGet the Cheese!

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 9
So, if you read my Spikes Keg o Nails review you know that I went up to the Northern portion of Michigan with Mark on a camping and fly fishing trip. We had pre-planned the Spikes Keg o Nails visit since we knew they had chili. Fast forward to that night, it's raining like a mother, we have a pile of wet wood and a handful of matches. As it turns out, this isn't a recipe for "easy fire making". After about an hour and a near death experience for Mark (I'll say it involved a propane blowtorch that got out of control) we decided it best to drive into "town" and eat there. I put "town" in quotes because we decided to drive to Frederic, so we drove up to the road and started heading north... a few miles of nothingness later, we realized that the 3 buildings at the intersection was "town".

Anyway, we hit the Frederic Inn which features Mexican-American Dining. I loved the thought of the one restaurant in a tiny town in rural Michigan being a Mexican joint. Great. Much to our surprise, the Frederic Inn had not one, but two chili dishes on their menu. Bonus! First up was the generic Homemade Chili, but below that was their Spicy Texas Chili. Now we're talking!

We ordered up some brews and a cup of the Spicy Texas Chili. The waitress asked if we wanted cheese, I checked my bathing suit area to make sure I was still a man and answered in the affirmative. I will say, we then experienced what can best be described as a "biblical wait" for the chili to arrive. Mark is a bit of an impatient fellow, so I've often had fun at his expense while he gets anxious for food to arrive, but the Frederic Inn did more than just test my patience, it drove laps around them. I had a view of the kitchen, which I looked longingly in awaiting chili. We devised a plan where I would knock on the table when I saw the chili coming to prepare Mark. I did a false alarm when our waitress brought some soup out for a table near us and I swear I saw a tear in Mark's eye when we were both disappointed.

But I will say, when the Frederic Inn delivered, they delivered. Their Spicy Texas Chili lived up to it's name. Easily the spiciest chili I've experienced in a restaurant. And the cheese, ohhhhh the cheese. This cup was served up with more than a simple slice of love, we got the whole loaf of love. A gratuitous amount of cheese was sprinkled on top of the chili, and then the whole cup was baked to give the cheese a supremely awesome consistency. Man, that is how cheese should always be served. There wasn't a whole lot of vegetable content, but the Spicy Texas Chili distinguished itself so well, it wasn't necessary. Someone took the "stupid people handcuffs" off and made a genuinely spicy hot chili.

Honestly, if you're a chili fan, this one is worth the drive! I can't wait to return and get more chili. Their pizza wasn't exactly inspired, but that's the only bad thing I am going to say. Chili = good!
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 8
I must have pissed off Mother Nature at some point because she frowns upon me camping. I could go camping in Arizona and it would rain like crazy. So, day 1 into our camping/fly fishing trip and Matt and I find ourselves tyring everything to start a very wet campfire. I almost set my wet self on fire using what started out as a backpacking stove and ended up as a blow torch gone awry. So when the going gets tough, the tough check in their man cards and head into town to eat.

The choices were the Frederic's Inn Mexican/American Bar/Restaurant or the Swamp II Bar/Grill. We thought the Mexican joint might have some chili so the decision was made.

Frederic's has an interesting faux front that turned out to be a 'tunnel' leading to the front door. Budweiser and Miller signs plastered around you to give you not so subtle hints as to what you should order once you get inside. Very Mexican. There is a bar to the left; seating, pool table and jukeboxes in the center; and a eating area through a door on the right.

The menu offers Homemade Chili and Spicy Texas Chili. Interesting. I asked the waitress if the Texas Chili was homemade and she said it was made right there. Sold. Chili and a pizza - how can you go wrong? She asked if we wanted the chili before or with the pizza. Right now would be good.

After about an hour! (what seemed like a day) the chili came. I think I was more happy that Matt would not say "relax, we're Up North" trying to console my impatient self any longer.

The chili looked awesome. I knew why it took a little longer to get it anyway - they threw on some cheese and then baked it on there. Awesome. I disengaged my mouth from chewing off my arm and dug right into the chili. It was really good. It had plenty of flavor. Plenty of heat. It had chunks of meat and a few veggies and beans in there as well. As I got down the bowl a bit, I felt that they put too many fresh onions in for my taste. It didn't detract too much and next time I'll order light or no onions.

When we finished the chili, the waitress said "your pizza was just put in the oven so it's going to be about 10 minutes..." I think it took another 30 before it came out and it was pretty disappointing. I'm not a pizza fan but this tasted like frozen pizza. It had great melted cheese on a thick cardboard type base. Don't order it. Go for the chili and maybe some tacos!

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