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Restaurant NameCafe Maspero
Address601 Decatur St
City, State ZIPNew Orleans, LA 70116
Phone504 523-6250
GPS Coordinates LAT 29.956722 LONG -90.062744

Restaurant AtmosphereCheap sit down dining
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorNone
Chili TextureAverage
Chili PricesCheap - $2 for a nice sized bowl
Chili Fixin'sCheese optional, but not recommended.

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 4
My good old buddy Tom is getting married in a month, and as a bachelor party a group of us travelled down to the New Orleans, his old prowling ground.

There were 4 of us the first night out, and the drinking began earlier in the day. Drinking a considerable amount of booze before trying a chili for the Chili Trek isn't something I do all the time, for multiple reasons. One is that all polluted up, pretty much all foods taste mighty fine. Secondly, I tend to get pretty forgetful about what exactly occurs while in the crunked up state (remind me to tell you about the story of "Fuersty vs the Grizzly and Natty Ice" Story - it's a yarn truly worthy of a movie adaptation).

We hit the famous Cafe Maspero for dinner this night. Maspero is known for their huge entrees at great prices. More excitedly upon entering was the sign stating - $2 Abita Pints and $1 Daiquiri's. I promptly ordered one of each before cracking the menu. I figured it was a lucky night as this local landmark of cheap and large portioned dining had chili. If there are two things I like in this world it's cheap and women (even better together). But cheap and large portions are about as good as it gets with your pants on sitting in a restaurant.

Having had a lot of experience in chili ordering, my chili-sense (somewhat akin to spidey-sense that Spiderman has) warned me to avoid the cheese upgrade. Saying no to cheese is akin to saying no to a "free lapdance" in a seedy French Quarter gentlemans establishment, but this would once again prove to be a masterstroke decision. Buddys Dan and Jeff bother ordered up chili, making this a table full of drunken chili fans. Jeff said yes to the cheese option, as any red blooded male would do.

Two beers and a daiquri later, the chili hits the table. Akin to our friends at Burger King the official chili cheese preparer simply took a slice of faux/government processed cheese and slapped it on top of a fine looking bowl of chili. What a revolting development. I was so pleased at Jeff's misfortune I had to take a picture of his subpar chili to document it. Jeff's reaction was something along the lines of "Is that what I think it is?". I could only shake my head and offer my condolences.

So, 4 paragraphs later, you're probably saying, quit beating around the bush Fuersty, how's the chili? Well, it was pretty much garbage. Bean overload - I like beans, but come on, beans shouldn't be the main and nearly only player in a chili. A strong compliment? Yes. Front and center in each and every bite? No. This is almost forgivable if there is a ton of flavor in the chili, or some spiciness to really let the chili shine, but alas Maspero doesn't really deliver. There is some flavor and a little punch of spice, but come on! This is New Orleans, we're expecting a full fledged uppercut of spice. Make us wimpy Yankees cry! Sadly, Maspero plays it safe...

Still, this is a great place to check out. The dinners are spectacular (I've written prose about the roast beef sandwich I had there) and... $2 Abitas and $1 Daiquiri's! Life doesn't get THAT much better...

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Matt FuerstPlease note the Strawberry Daiquiri and the Beer sitting in front of the chili. Which one is mine you ask? Both, you silly fool. Real men order two alcoholic drinks at once.
Matt FuerstSorry about the stock photo of Maspero, but I figured it was better than nothing. Also note the government cheese on Jeff's bowl, along with his daiquri in the forefront, and his awesome Abita bringing up the rear. Real men two fist their bevvies.

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