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Restaurant NameTexas Roadhouse
Address1940 Roschman Ave
City, State ZIPLima, OH 45804
Phone(419) 228-7427
GPS CoordinatesN 40 43.558' W 84 04.465' LAT 40.7260 LONG -84.0744

Restaurant AtmosphereSouthern Hospitality
Chili HeatLittle Zip
Chili FlavorSome
Chili TextureThick
Chili PricesFREE or $2.45 for small cup
Chili Fixin'sPacket of crackers

Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 5
My family and I stopped at the Texas Roadhouse in Lima OH on our way back up from our trip in TN. The place was pretty cool with the peanut shells on the floor, cactus plants everywhere, and of course the faux stuffed lizard on the wall. I ordered the Smokehouse Burger and a cup of chili. "Instead of fries?" asked Jeryd. "Sure" says I. "Well, they'll probably give ya fries anyway. So it'll be like a bonus.". Did Jeryd just offer me free chili? I think so. The small bowl of chili came with chopped red onion and shredded cheese on the top. Very nice. Very small. Hopefully, very free. I stuck my spoon in and it stood straight up. Major bonus. Not a lot of chili there but it held a real spoon up. Not many will do that. The chili had big chunks of tomato and beef and had plenty of beans. It had a little zip, not much. I had corn chowder from Applebees that had more zip. My son said it tasted like tacos. I agree, but it at least had flavor. $2.45 may be a little much for such a small cup but, hey, mine ended up being free so that helps the overall number that I gave it. I looked at the menu online and it looks like you can order chili as one of the 2 sides when you order an entree. I would recomend it as a side but not a stand alone meal.

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