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Restaurant NameWhite Lake Inn
Address3955 Ormond Rd
City, State ZIPWhite Lake, MI 48383
Phone248 887-1818
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.676755 LONG -83.553551

Restaurant AtmosphereOld time bar and restaurant
Chili HeatLittle Zip
Chili FlavorExcellent
Chili TextureThick
Chili PricesCup $2.50, Bowl $3.95, in bread bowl $5.
Chili Fixin'sChopped tomatoes and tortilla chips

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 9
Mark has his boat on White Lake this boating season, so early on he checked out the White Lake Inn which features docks, allowing boaters to pull up, dock and eat at the restaurant. Tres cool. He noted the presence of chili on the menu, but like a good Chili Trek Buddy decided to hold off until Poppa Matt could take part in the chili goodness. And boy was it worth the wait.. but first, a Matt staple, a little detour on our way to the chili.

We arrived and docked without issue, and took up a seat right outside. Right away I was uncomfortable (which undoubtedly gave Mark glee). We didn't check in with the proper White Lake Inn authorities, and we were seemingly getting dirty looks from the groups of unusually stuffy-looking people sitting around us. I inquired with Mark again - "You sure we don't have to go inside first". He assured me we were safe. Next thing I know, a waitress is ejecting us like a rowdy group of students in Trigonometry class. She said there was "some sort of Republican party" going on. Mark's proclamation of "I'm a republican" didn't earn us any cred. I think the Republicans were glad to have us gone.

So, forced to sit inside, I excitedly found my victim for the evening - chili, served Margo Style. What does Margo Style mean? Well, apparently Margo likes her chili in a cornbread bread bowl, cheese melted on top. Holy cow did that sound sassy. We each ordered up one of those and a beer. We sipped the beer and laughed at stuffy Republicans wearing suits, being forced to wear Hawaiian lays to "loosen up", and marvelled at Republican Congressman Thaddeus McCotters' hot wife (that one was more me than Mark).

Margo treated us well. The chili arrived and delivered on all it's promises. Yummy cheese melted on top of a superb bread bowl. The chili itself? Very good. Spicier than average, which I always appreciate. A good amount of beans are present, just the right amount. Not a whole lot of vegetables, but a few sprinkled in to keep things interesting. Nice and thick, Mark was able to fork it, which is impressive. But oh momma, was the cheesy bread bowl superior. My mouth is literally watering from the experience right now.

A great bowl of chili, and worth seeking out. Go Margo Style!

As we were leaving, I made the motion to the waitress to bring the bill. Somehow, through the haze of Republican glad handing and oil tax rebate slips flying about, my motion was misread as a demand for more beer. I'd rather kiss a porcupine than complain in a restaurant, but luckily Mark stepped up to the plate and hammed up another on the beer arrival to send the message to our waitress. Upon reflection, it's sheer genius bringing tables beer semi-randomly. In Option (A) - the customers swill the beer, and end up leaving a bigger tip because of the larger bill and the fact they are sauced up or Option (B) - the waitress apologizes, and takes the beer to another table for free, at which point the other table is obligated to tip a little extra since they got free beer. As soon as my day job fires me (I figure I'm down to hours left before they figure out I am scamming them) I am going to be a waiter, and hand out beers like they are lollipops.
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 9
I've been wanting to try the chili at the White Lake Inn since spring but I thought I would wait and take Matt fishing and Chili Trekking on one trip. Matt blew me off a few times but ran out of excuses so finally decided to leave the comforts of his XBox 360 and go fishing.

We docked the boat at the WLI and decided to sit outside. Our waitress came out to greet us and asked if we were with the party. "We are the party" says I. "No, there's a part for some republican out here - you guys have to sit inside." I tried one last try: "I'm a republican". We sat inside.

The menu offers a cup, bowl, or Margo Style (cornbread bowl). I had never heard of Margo style before and figured I would have to Google it later. After reading the menu further I saw that Margo also had some other specials on the menu so I'm assuming that Margo is the chef running the show at WLI

We had to wait a little while longer than usual for the chili to arrive but we quickly found out why. The large bread bowl had been baked to melt the cheese that was on top of the chili and the cornbread bowl lid. Terrific! There were chopped tomatoes on very top adding to the presentation.

The chili itself was pretty good. It was thick with beans and meat and some veggies. It had a little spice but it would have been better if they stepped it up a little. When I got down to the bottom, it was great to fold the bowl down and really enjoy it. It tasted like the bottom of the bread bowl was buttered with garlic butter before it was baked. My mouth is actually watering just thinking about it.

The whole think makes a great meal that I will definitely go back for.

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