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Restaurant NameBilly's Tip N Inn
Address6707 Highland Road
City, State ZIPWhite Lake, MI 48383
Phone248 889-7885
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.64946666 LONG -83.523416666

Restaurant AtmosphereSit down, up north, wooden style
Chili HeatLittle Zip
Chili FlavorSome
Chili TextureThick
Chili Prices$2.95 for a cup, $3.95 for a bowl
Chili Fixin'sPackage of oyster crackers.

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 6
We made a previous attempt to visit Billy's, but our plans were thwarted by the fact that Billy's isn't open on Mondays. What a major bummer, especially considering Billy's isn't exactly right down the street, it's a bit of a hike getting out there during a lunchtime. It's being my favorite Friday, that is, a boss-free-Friday, we decided to make the jaunt again.

I ordered up a cup o' chili, along with a plate of sliders. A restaurant offering sliders is promising, but the competition is stiff since Freddie's sets the standard for sliders. Still, it seemed like a solid lunch choice.

My cup arrived shortly. Not a bad presentation. The color was definitely a lot darker than your average chili. Tomatoes take a backseat in the Billy's chili. I generally make my own chili pretty heavy with tomatoes, but I really don't mind it if people go light on the tomato in order to kick up some other flavors. Sadly, Billy's plays it pretty conservatively all around. Not real flavor risks are taken. The main spice involved in Billy's chili is salt. Lots of salt. I don't salt my food much, but once and a while I can play along. It wasn't bad, don't get me wrong. Billy's used two types of beans, and had a few finely diced vegetables thrown in the mix. Hamburger was ground fairly finely, but was tasty.

I guess I've gotten spoiled over the time, but I was disappointed Billy's didn't offer an option to throw cheese and onions on top. That is always welcome. Still, it's a pretty good cup of chili. Next time I eat there, I will definitely get the chili again, but I certainly wouldn't drive out of my way to get it. So, above average, but not mind blowing.

Mrs. Freddie still holds the slider crown too.
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 6
Billy's Tip N Inn is another potential chili joint that has eluded us for some time because it is on the outer edge of the places we can make it to during our lunch hour. We visited Billy's on one other occasion but they are closed on Mondays. For that reason I pre-called them to make sure they carried chili. Yes - and it's homemade. Sold.

Matt and I made the hike out there and were happy to see that they were open and they had chili on the menu. What makes the trip so enjoyable is that Matt broke his social code and asked the waitress about getting chili as part of the combination with his sliders. "Well, no, you can just order chili on the side, though" I thought it was a weird answer because the menu says you can get a cup o f soup with the burger if you want. I tried and ordered a burger with a cup of chili. The best part is that tight-wad-Matt got charged the $3 for his chili and mine was included. Perfect.

Anyway, the chili came and smelled pretty good. It was darker than most and was pretty thick. It had beans and meat but not a lot of veggies. Even the tomato base was pretty scarce. It was very flavorful mostly because of the amount of salt in it. It was good but not too exciting. I will get it again if I'm there but it's not worth stretching the lunch hour.

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