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Restaurant NameQuiznos
Address3059 Union Lake Road
City, State ZIPCommerce, MI 48382
Phone248 360 6012
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.591527 LONG -83.445898

Restaurant AtmosphereFast Food and Sit Down
Chili HeatNone
Chili FlavorExcellent
Chili TextureThick
Chili PricesAverage
Chili Fixin'sTwo packages of crackers per bowl. Whole peppers are available in the pepper bar.

Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 7
Quiznos chili is the best fast food chili I've found so far. It had good flavor, a tiny bit of heat, and plenty of chunks. For $7 and some change I had a small sub and a cup of chili which made a fine lunch indeed.

Quiznos chili does cost more that Wendy's (how could it not) but the quality and taste make it worth it.
Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 8
I can admit now I was pretty hesitant about a Quiznos visit. I like their subs, but in the past going to Quiznos with Mark has been a trying experience, to say the least. The problem is that we have a local sub shop called Bellacinos right down the street from the Quiznos. If you've ever been to a Quiznos, you probably have liked the subs, but maybe notice they aren't exactly easy on the budget. Bellacinos offers much larger subs, prepared in the same manner, for less money than Quiznos, so every time we hit up the Quiznos, meverest's "whine engine" was warmed up to start complaining. But, for the sake of science and our loyal readers, I was prepared to "jump on the gernade" yet again and make another trip to Quiznos.

Luckily, we were very happily surprised with the Quiznos. Honestly, having a hankering for chili does wreck some damage on the pocketbook, pretty much no matter where you go (I will give a caveat to Wendy's and their awesome combo program). You go into a restaurant and get a bowl of chili, that's not likely enough to satisfy you if you're a "grown up". So you're generally laying out 2 or 3 bucks for some chili, and stuck in the quandry of getting something else to eat on top of that. This situation generally makes lunch ring up to 6 bones at a minimum.

Anyway, I ordered up a small Honey Mustard Chicken with Bacon sub (holy momma is that a tasty sandwich) and a cup of chili. You're probably thinking this review has gone on far too long without any actual chili talk, and I'm sorry for that, but I have to take a moment and write some prose about the young lady that rung us up (a lovely young specimen named "Smithers"):

Smithers, thou are hot
Smithers, scoop the chili, from the pot

Smithers, why art thou working at Quiznos?
Smithers, come work at Fuerstyos!

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program....

The Quiznos chili stands apart from any other chili I've had. The defining taste of the chili I can only describe as "tanginess". It has a certain tanginess, I think derived from the acidity of their tomato base, that I've never tasted anywhere else. Along with this "tanginess", we have two types of beans, some nicely ground hamburger, and some good sized pepper chunks. That's a darn good mixture. Thickness is right up there, it's easy to get your spoon to stand straight up.

I'd strongly recommend a small Quiznos sub along with some chili for an excellent lunch. It's a very good, filling meal, only made better when Smithers rings you up.

Visitor Comments on Quiznos
Mark EverestI went to Quiznos since writing this review and was pretty dissappointed in the chili. I would change my rating buy since their is no interface for me to do so it remains what it is. It tasted vinagery. Is that a word? It should be.
Matt FuerstSide note: No Smithers present since the first Quiznos Chili trip. I'd be willing to put up with a bad sub if Smithers rung me up...
Matt FuerstThe more I go to Quiznos the more I like their chili and the less I like their subs. The meat to bread ratio is just not satisfying.

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