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Restaurant NameMexico Lindo
Address4813 Carroll Lake Road
City, State ZIPCommerce, MI 48382
GPS Coordinates LAT 42.5921 LONG -83.4814

Restaurant AtmosphereNicely decorated, inexpensive sit down restaurant.
Chili HeatLittle Zip
Chili FlavorTasty
Chili TextureThick
Chili Prices$5.50 for a bowl
Chili Fixin'sCheese, Sour Cream and Chopped Onions on side. Also served with tortillas, corn or flour.

Comments by Matt Fuerst
Rating: 7
Wow.. the most original chili we have yet to experience. The Lindo was a favorite of mine growing up in Waterford, MI and they recently opened a second store right near my house in Commerce. Excitement abounds. I was unaware they even had chili on the menu until I was feasting on their excellent Fajitas one day and thumbed through the menu.

So we made our trek out for you, our faithful readers.

The first sign something unusual was about to happen was when we were asked if we wanted flour or corn tortillas. This implies that we're going to get some tortillas, apparently to wrap the chili up in? Interesting, unusual.

The chili arrived and I have to admit, the chili itself isn't a great presentation. It has a texture that Mark correctly described as "gravy". Inside the brown gravy are some large chunks of beef a'la Red, Hot and Blue (albiet not as tasty and seasoned). But that's about it. No beans, no vegetables, no other goodness. Odd.

Also served on the side are some chopped onions and a small bowl of sour cream. So I made my first chili-tortilla monstrosity. Quite tasty, and totally original. Smack a bunch of gravy and beef chunks into a tortilla shell, some onions and sour cream and pound it.

The chili itself isn't great, and certainly isn't really suitable for eating with a spoon. But what Mexico Lindo offers is a really original chili experience. I can't promise you that you would (or even should) love the Mexico Lindo chili, but it is worth experiencing at least once.
Comments by Mark Everest
Rating: 6
Matt told me about this new place, Mexico Lindos, which advertises Texas Chili Hot!!! It took over the space once occupied by the very crappy restaurant, Papagos. Hopefully this place outshines them. How could they not?

Mexico Lindos is a nice small restaurant with Mexican furnishings. We were quickly served a basket of tortilla chips with three little cups of salsa - one of which, I was told, was hot. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had a little zip to it. I couldn't wait to try the hot!!! chili.

I asked the waitress if the Texas Chili was enough for a meal. She asked a waiter who made very large dimensions with his hands and said "Oh yea, you'll love it". The same waiter came out a few minutes later to ask if we wanted flour or corn tortillas with it. Interesting...

The chili came awhile later in a descent sized bowl. I was initially scared because it looked a little like the dreaded coney dog sauce. I dug my spoon in and found to my surprise, nice big chunks of stew-like beef. At this point, fajita sized tortillas were served. Now what do I do?

It was a little messy but I scooped the chunks of beef and the supporting 'chili' onto a tortilla and ate it like a fajita. Yummy. After eating four of those, my tortillas where gone and so were the beef chunks. I started to finish the rest and opted not to because what was left reminded me of beef gravy. While gravy is normally a very good thing, I wouldn't necessarily consume a bowl of it by itself.

I had a hard time coming up with a final number for this one. If I hadn't ordered it by name, I wouldn't have even considered it to be in the chili family. There were no veggies, beans, or other chili supporting items to be found. The thick gravy like sauce, beef and cheese melted on top were it. It was a very unique way to serve the chili and it tasted pretty good. I'll give it a 6 and would recommend it to someone in the area to try.

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